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Twenty-one-year-old Dancehall artiste Rapidstrika says his music represents the voice of his generation and others to come, a voice of the streets with his ability to originate and vocalize his experience and the experience of others, to conceptualize the phenomenon of life and capture the imaginations of people and offer perceptional knowledge through his music, he's destine to become a motivational Icon of Jamaican youth and other races, representing everything that society is afraid of (Sucess) and society represents everything that I am afraid of (Failures). Rapidstrika comes to the fore with an intricate and cosmopolitan style, with absolute certitude of infinitesimal amount of hardcore rhymes, phenomenal topics, killer hooks, symphonies, emotions and complete uniqueness, he will undoubtedly become the preeminent monarch of dancehall.

My writing and music skills are full of the highest teaching's and will be a source of inspiration to everyone who ponders its words of profoundness. Everything I do is created with a forcible and lucid style, and the subjects are presented in such a manner that the listeners cannot fail to be interested and helped. It contains a great deal of wisdom, conundrums, tersely and beautifully expressed. Every song breathes the spirit of a calm, thoughtful, and self-created craft. The tone is that of a grateful melody that soothes and inspires. It is always "strictly sickness", with me!

The persistent luminary who's made up from struggle says pain is one of his biggest motivation in Life, strongly Believing in the Universe and the Laws Of Attraction my dream is undoubted to annihilate the fore Front of Dancehall and International Scenes and genres and dominate the airwaves with my enigmatic styles, patterns, vocals, and trends, with absolute Certitude this era in history will bear my name as a commemoration like no other dancehall artist has, with the defying determination that I have towards success. With patience, practice and Ceaseless importunity my aim is to become the ultimate Artist to create products provide distribution, remain preeminent, and sustain quality by becoming a cosmopolitan international Artist Creating Way for our Culture to gain constellation among other genre and nation by somehow making our culture the number one favorable choice in music as the most hottest, qualitative and worthiest music group of all time. I see myself Surpassing pioneers and international acts leveling up and branching off into other genres and remain dominant to the world.

The artist who has given up on every idea of failure says "
Your focus has to be so intense that your doubters think you're crazy. believe in your beliefs and it will create the fact.The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage, no one has to be a Slave to Society Whatever you're seeking is seeking you, everyone has the ability to create their own dreams "thoughts become things" and we all have the universe at our fingertips to grant us our every desire" context of Rapidstrika.

Born Rannel Murdock on April 22, 1996, in the community of “Buff Bay” within the parish of Portland, Jamaica. Growing up on the hardship of life, having little to no family support, getting kicked out of practically every house that I have lived in, it is through struggle I've learned some of my greatest lessons it is that which has carved me into such charismatic person the absolute tool that keeps my mind hell-bent on success.

The name RAPIDSTRIKA describes my character precisely the part "Rapid" refers to the consistency and effectiveness of my potential it really describes how potent I am. The part "Strika" refers to the classical part of my wellbeing. A striker is a person who's unerring, put that in terms of music and you will get that am a classic. When you're talking about me you're talking about authenticity, an extraterrestrial formalist, one who's devoted to the cost of his ideology. You're talking about the SAGE of this generation and others to come and I say this with absolute certitude. My style is a more liquify enigma. Am a shrewd, ambitious and skillful music strategist with perennial virtues that will revolutionize Dancehall.